lundi 28 septembre 2015

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Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced the economic results for the second quarter of 2015, during which achieved a turnover of $ 774 million, a figure almost identical to that obtained in the same period of the previous year. And all this despite facing the parity rate, a circumstance that has affected many companies and Garmin has drawn obtaining stable and positive data. Also noteworthy is more than remarkable growth of the division of marine, with a 41% increase, which is followed by the areas of fitness and aviation. This means, in addition, in four million units of product waste, 8% more than the analogous last year and slightly more than significant period in terms of the support that keeps the company from its customers and users around the world.

According to Salvador Alcover, CEO of Garmin Iberia: "all the sectorse companies have been affected by the fluctuations of the dollar, something that Garmin has not been outside. "For this reason, and despite these circumstances, we are proud to have kept virtually in the same figures of a year ago and, of course, that most of our areas have continued their growth in several international markets".

Data by sector
During this period, highlights in particular the results of the segment of nautical, following the marked upward trend that was reflected throughout all the year 2014. This division has checked 103 million, which represents one 41% increase during the second quarter of the previous year.

Fitness and aviation sectors have located their billing in 158 and 102 million dollars, respectively, or what is the same, 5% more between April and June 2014. For his part, automotive and Outdoor lines recorded a turnover of 299 million and $ 110 million.

Billing by areas
Geographical areas have evolved differently in terms of its turnover with respect to the last financial year, the APAC (Asia Pacific) region which better data to be logged. In this sense, the Asian continent shows a turnover of 82 million compared with 66 million dollars achieved during 2014.

On the other hand, Europe attends a rise of 9% this quarter, while figures in North America are closed with 417 million dollars with respect to the 411 made during the previous year, which resulted in a rise of 1%.

News of the quarter
An important part of the responsibility in the most positive results of the fitness area is focused on the launch of the latest devices belonging to the avant-garde line of computers, such as Edge ® 520 and Edge ® 20/25. The latter include, besides by their technical services, by having become the devices smaller GPS for cycling in the world.
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Other devices star during this period of the year has been the renewed device, top sales of the firm, eTrex ®. In terms of automotive, stresses Nuvicam, a system of special design that highlights a multi-touch screen 6 inch glass and an integrated camera that provides accurate and reliable information in the event of an incident. Designed as one of the most complete portable navigation solutions on the market, it offers the latest features in a matter of driving assistance, own luxury car. This is the case, for example, of the warning system of frontal collision, which alert of a visual and audible if is driven too close to the vehicle making the rounds ahead. Also, a notice of lane departure, in the event that a diversion of the road.

One of the novel features and more advanced or what is the same thing, a true revolution in navigation, is Garmin Real Vision, which causes the GPS screen to change automatically from map as a view camera and through signals of colors, indicates where the final destination of the route. Prevents the effort of trying to read the complicated numbers of buildings.

On the other hand, continue with an important role the devices belonging to the avant-garde line of signature wearables, notably activity 2 vivofit tracking bracelet and bracelet tracking with smart notifications vivosmart and the smartwatch with GPS integrated vivoactive.
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Looking to the next few months, Garmin will continue to work to create and launch innovadoresproductos in each of their areas and opening up to new markets, two aspects that undoubtedly contribute to the success achieved by the company. Not in vain, along this quarter investment in r & d has increased 11%, something that shows the importance which gives the manufacture

mardi 25 août 2015

Clash of clans 300 Golems & 300 Giants

Clash of clan is without a doubt a mobile game of superlatives, not without reason it is in the app store charts and Google play store for months high. The developers of supercell have let things come up, to keep the game entertaining, you can find a little bit of everything.

In the game you can build you a pretty village and focus you to defend this against opponents in multiplayer mode. You can spread fear and terror by fall over others and steal their gold and Elixir. Or you play clash of clan in the clan and intoxicates you in the clan wars.

No matter how you decide at the beginning you have to build your village. For this you get at level 1, a construction hut is meant barracks, an army base, two cannons and - the most important - so that always the Town Hall level called, a town hall, a gold mine, an bearings of Elixir of, also "RH".

This clash of clan guide is continuously updated. Since we play this game with passion, we have to be patient us sometimes. Currently, we have Town Hall level 7, 8 and 9, by the way, do so still a bit ahead of us. ;)
Village building

We enter yet detailed in separate articles on the individual buildings. First of all the essentials: all buildings in clash of clan can be expanded. For this you need the construction of huts, which can be bought only with jewels. Therein construction workers building the new building and expanded the existing.
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Right at the beginning a tip: save your jewels! Why? It can read her article to jewels strategies.

Tips jewels
If you start, you have an active shield, which means that no one can attack you. You need don't be afraid so that someone steals the valuable resources you. Later this will change. Promised!

So build your village alone. The Town Hall is useful at the beginning in the middle to put. The trappings you arranged the other buildings. The gun, you try to cover all buildings so that they are protected by the guns.
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If you have built all the buildings, you have the entire economy are available. Later more building are added, there will be more mines and at level 7 you will get the entire economy of the dark Elixir in addition. But until then you have the game anyway it annoys you only through the long development times or other CoC players who stole your hard-earned resources to you.