mardi 25 août 2015

Clash of clans 300 Golems & 300 Giants

Clash of clan is without a doubt a mobile game of superlatives, not without reason it is in the app store charts and Google play store for months high. The developers of supercell have let things come up, to keep the game entertaining, you can find a little bit of everything.

In the game you can build you a pretty village and focus you to defend this against opponents in multiplayer mode. You can spread fear and terror by fall over others and steal their gold and Elixir. Or you play clash of clan in the clan and intoxicates you in the clan wars.

No matter how you decide at the beginning you have to build your village. For this you get at level 1, a construction hut is meant barracks, an army base, two cannons and - the most important - so that always the Town Hall level called, a town hall, a gold mine, an bearings of Elixir of, also "RH".

This clash of clan guide is continuously updated. Since we play this game with passion, we have to be patient us sometimes. Currently, we have Town Hall level 7, 8 and 9, by the way, do so still a bit ahead of us. ;)
Village building

We enter yet detailed in separate articles on the individual buildings. First of all the essentials: all buildings in clash of clan can be expanded. For this you need the construction of huts, which can be bought only with jewels. Therein construction workers building the new building and expanded the existing.
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Right at the beginning a tip: save your jewels! Why? It can read her article to jewels strategies.

Tips jewels
If you start, you have an active shield, which means that no one can attack you. You need don't be afraid so that someone steals the valuable resources you. Later this will change. Promised!

So build your village alone. The Town Hall is useful at the beginning in the middle to put. The trappings you arranged the other buildings. The gun, you try to cover all buildings so that they are protected by the guns.
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If you have built all the buildings, you have the entire economy are available. Later more building are added, there will be more mines and at level 7 you will get the entire economy of the dark Elixir in addition. But until then you have the game anyway it annoys you only through the long development times or other CoC players who stole your hard-earned resources to you.

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